Platonic love at first sight

It is a burden. A curse. A permanent thought engraved on the brain. One always present, on the back of the mind, controlling everything. How to move. How to talk. When to come and when to leave. It’s the weakness of the strongest human brain, focusing on something it knows it cannot have. Never. Maybe.

642 Things to Write About – Book Review

I got another book today: “642 Things to Write About“! Yes, I know, what a news. But the nice thing about this book is that is an inspiration spring for writers. My new friend has 642 different writing prompts, a few about personal stuff, others about hypotetical moments that you have to imagine and write about. Here are a few examples: READ ON

New Projects!

Hello everyone! This post is just a brief introduction to what I’m planning on doing with this blog, from now on. I have 5 main ideas I want to develop.  #1: A F. Scott Fitzgerald Series It’s quite useless to say that Fitzgerald is my favourite author. So, why not writing a series of post about him and his work? I’m planning on READ ON

#Resist! | A zine by Miriam Frei

Let love be your answer Decades ago, writers used to meet and talk in Literary Cafés, beautiful and elegant places where they could sit down; drink coffee, tea or, more likely, alcohol; and chat about new ideas, share thoughts and do a lot of reading. Nowadays, life is easier (And, I must admit, lacks a little of charm) with the READ ON

Intervention from the inside

Unfortunately, through the screen, it’s not possible to hear the different voices that populate the multiple spaces full of characters that our eyes scroll every day. The multitude of tabs the average young human being opens every day on his computer are always silent, when he reads them. Of course, there’s a voice in his head. It’s his own, a READ ON

Why you should ditch NaNoWriMo this year

October is every writer’s worst month. There are those who are so excited for November that can’t wait for this month to burn, and there are the others who are freaking out right now because, come on, 2 weeks are not enough to plan a whole month of writing. Where am I? None of the above. I will be cheating this READ ON

The finish line

Hello everyone! I was going through my old written stuff and found this not so young mix of words that made me thought “Why don’t I share this on my blog?” (I think we are all mature enough and in the stage where I don’t need to say that this is a piece of my work and no one has READ ON

The Writer Tag

Hello there! I was on YouTube earlier and watched Kim Chance‘s last video, “The Writer Tag”. Since I don’t do videos, I though it would be nice and different for me to try and write this tag here on my blog! So, here it is. Enjoy! 1. What do you eat or drink while writing? I usually drink tea or ginseng READ ON

Let’s go camping

Hello fellow writers! Since CampNaNoWriMo starts in just 2 days, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you some of my favorite tools for writing. First thing first, what is CampNaNoWriMo? Right. Well, if you are a writer who’s struggling with, obviously, writing, just click here and go join our mad hatters camp. It’s a writing community for people who share READ ON