Letter to my 17 year old self

Dear Alessandra of 2012, what a weird year has been for you. And more weirdness is about to come in just 3 weeks. Yes, in a little more than 20 days, you will be 18 years old. Seems amazing, huh? Finally, the beginning of the adult life. Just on the paper; we know that your adult life started way long READ ON

Home is where the Earth is

-Where do you live? -I have an apartment in the north of Italy -And how do you take care of your apartment? -Well, I clean and tidy it up, I fix things when they are broken, I repaint the walls… -Okay, now think bigger. Where do you live? -Italy, Europe…? -Even bigger. -On the Earth?! -Great. How do you take READ ON

Nice to meet you, 2017!

It’s 1 o’ clock in the morning while I’m starting writing this, and my mom and I are having a break on our monopoly game. Yes, my New Year’s Eve was quite low key this year, celebrating with a last movie night in the local movie theatre (Passenger was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!) and now eating, drinking and paying rent on fictional houses READ ON

Welcome to the future of our world

In 2010, 6 long years ago, I discovered the pleasure of watching TV shows on the internet. I was 15 years old and that September, I enter my English speaking video world. The beginning of all. Before that, I always thought I would have lived in a not yet clear place, working a not yet clear job. I basically didn’t READ ON

73 Questions With Alex

Hello everybody! So, yesterday Vogue US uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that I’ve been waiting for ages: “73 Questions With Emma Stone“. Yes, she’s my favourite, and after this video I love her even more. (In my opinion, considering their whole “73 Questions With…” playlist, this  is the #1, followed at #2 by “73 Questions With Blake Lively”.) So, listening READ ON

How easily words can describe life

Good morning everyone! I just tried an interesting Facebook app that made me think. It’s the “Most used words on Facebook” app, and this was my result. Considering the fact that I most publish pictures than writing posts on my Facebook page, this is pretty amazing. I think these words describe myself in a very complete way. Amazing, because yes, I READ ON


Hello everybody! I never would have guessed that my first post on my personal blog would have been this, but it’s my way to celebrate a new achievement: by writing about it! We all have insecurities, even the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel must have something that she doesn’t really like about her body (No, they are not perfect, they are READ ON