Platonic love at first sight

It is a burden. A curse. A permanent thought engraved on the brain. One always present, on the back of the mind, controlling everything. How to move. How to talk. When to come and when to leave. It’s the weakness of the strongest human brain, focusing on something it knows it cannot have. Never. Maybe.

Chapter 2

-Yes, I am fine. More than fine.- this last few words came out like a whisper from Tom’s lips, while he was looking at the tavern, as his eyes could see through bricks and stone and meet Laura again. -Do you know her? I mean him, the boy who just went back inside.- -No my lord, I have never seen READ ON

Chapter 1

The tavern smelled the terrible usual when Tom crossed the wooden door to enter in one of the darkest places you could find at midday in England. The host didn’t care about making that place comfortable for its guests; he just wanted them to drink his wine and pay the services, all of them. One candle on each table was READ ON

Library stream of consciousness

15th September 2016 I’ve come to the library today. It’s an amazing place, full of books and quiet. The silence in here is almost heavy on the shoulders. I, of course, run to the American Literature section as soon as I got here. There was just one Fitzgerald book. I borrowed it. I borrowed a second book too, by Raymond Carver. It READ ON

The finish line

Hello everyone! I was going through my old written stuff and found this not so young mix of words that made me thought “Why don’t I share this on my blog?” (I think we are all mature enough and in the stage where I don’t need to say that this is a piece of my work and no one has READ ON