The Little Book of Hygge – Book Review

    A Dane once told me: “To understand hygge, you have to live it” While waiting for that experience to reach me, I do what I always do when something interests me: I read about it. If I should sum up what I got from this book in one sentence, I would say that hygge is that time spent with people READ ON

642 Things to Write About – Book Review

I got another book today: “642 Things to Write About“! Yes, I know, what a news. But the nice thing about this book is that is an inspiration spring for writers. My new friend has 642 different writing prompts, a few about personal stuff, others about hypotetical moments that you have to imagine and write about. Here are a few examples: READ ON

The Year of Living Danishly – Book Review

This book has accompanied me during my dreaming ride of making Denmark my home, and while I still work on that, here’s a well deserved review of one of my now favourite authors’ first book: “The Year of Living Danishly”! 354 pages of a continuous surprise; Helen Russell is a great writer with an amazing irony that will make you READ ON

The Book Jar

Yesterday I was coping with the fact that there’s not enough time in a human life to read all the book we wish to read. But maybe, it’s not time the thing that lacks. Not in my case, anyway. I stared at my shelves with defiance, waving “hello” to the few books I have read from first to last page, READ ON

I already failed my reading list…

Almost 4 months ago, I published an article about my Reading List of 2017; all the books I had planned to finish and read during these 12 months. Now, thinking about it, I realized I completely failed. And because I failed, I deserve to publicly humiliate myself about it. I had 9 new books to read and 6 books to READ ON

Reading list of 2017

Hello everyone! With the new year come new books, new readings and new stories. As you might already know, I’m not the kind of person who sticks to just one book, reads it from start to end and goes on with the next one. No, I’m the kind of reader who starts a book, then buys a new one and READ ON

The girl on the train – Book Review

No spoilers on this article, I swear. If you are one of those people who, book concerning, don’t follow the crowd too, you might now be thinking “What? That book again? Where is the get out of here button?” But this time my good reader sense has to stop you right there. I usually take the distance from the popular printed paper, READ ON