Letter to my 17 year old self

Dear Alessandra of 2012, what a weird year has been for you. And more weirdness is about to come in just 3 weeks. Yes, in a little more than 20 days, you will be 18 years old. Seems amazing, huh? Finally, the beginning of the adult life. Just on the paper; we know that your adult life started way long READ ON

Moving to Denmark | Basics

In July 2017, I packed my most important and necessary stuff, I said bye to the most important people in my life – and my country –  and moved 1500 kilometers away… to Copenhagen! I first visited this city in May 2015. I was lucky enough to be asked to join a workshop in the headquarters of the company I was READ ON

Platonic love at first sight

It is a burden. A curse. A permanent thought engraved on the brain. One always present, on the back of the mind, controlling everything. How to move. How to talk. When to come and when to leave. It’s the weakness of the strongest human brain, focusing on something it knows it cannot have. Never. Maybe.

The picture of David Kammerer

First meeting – in John Jay – white uniform and red of hair  Sometimes it happens. I accidentally discover a character that gets me under a spell, and I suddenly start my too-extended research on everything there is to know about that character’s life. This time, it happened while watching Kill your darlings. Lucien Carr was the first one to READ ON

The Little Book of Hygge – Book Review

    A Dane once told me: “To understand hygge, you have to live it” While waiting for that experience to reach me, I do what I always do when something interests me: I read about it. If I should sum up what I got from this book in one sentence, I would say that hygge is that time spent with people READ ON

642 Things to Write About – Book Review

I got another book today: “642 Things to Write About“! Yes, I know, what a news. But the nice thing about this book is that is an inspiration spring for writers. My new friend has 642 different writing prompts, a few about personal stuff, others about hypotetical moments that you have to imagine and write about. Here are a few examples: READ ON

The Year of Living Danishly – Book Review

This book has accompanied me during my dreaming ride of making Denmark my home, and while I still work on that, here’s a well deserved review of one of my now favourite authors’ first book: “The Year of Living Danishly”! 354 pages of a continuous surprise; Helen Russell is a great writer with an amazing irony that will make you READ ON

Home is where the Earth is

-Where do you live? -I have an apartment in the north of Italy -And how do you take care of your apartment? -Well, I clean and tidy it up, I fix things when they are broken, I repaint the walls… -Okay, now think bigger. Where do you live? -Italy, Europe…? -Even bigger. -On the Earth?! -Great. How do you take READ ON

The Book Jar

Yesterday I was coping with the fact that there’s not enough time in a human life to read all the book we wish to read. But maybe, it’s not time the thing that lacks. Not in my case, anyway. I stared at my shelves with defiance, waving “hello” to the few books I have read from first to last page, READ ON

I already failed my reading list…

Almost 4 months ago, I published an article about my Reading List of 2017; all the books I had planned to finish and read during these 12 months. Now, thinking about it, I realized I completely failed. And because I failed, I deserve to publicly humiliate myself about it. I had 9 new books to read and 6 books to READ ON

Chapter 2

-Yes, I am fine. More than fine.- this last few words came out like a whisper from Tom’s lips, while he was looking at the tavern, as his eyes could see through bricks and stone and meet Laura again. -Do you know her? I mean him, the boy who just went back inside.- -No my lord, I have never seen READ ON

Chapter 1

The tavern smelled the terrible usual when Tom crossed the wooden door to enter in one of the darkest places you could find at midday in England. The host didn’t care about making that place comfortable for its guests; he just wanted them to drink his wine and pay the services, all of them. One candle on each table was READ ON

The Everlasting Monday, Sylvia Plath

Thou shalt have an everlasting Monday and stand in the moon. The moon’s man stands in his shell, Bent under a bundle Of sticks. The light falls chalk and cold Upon our bedspread. His teeth are chattering among the leprous Peak and craters of those extinct volcanoes. He also against black frost Would pick sticks, would not rest Until hos READ ON

Faun, Sylvia Plath

Haunched like a faun, he hooed From grove of moon-glint and fen-frost Until all owls in the twigged forest Flapped black to look and brood On the call this man made. No sound but a drunken coot Lurching home along river bank. Stars hung water-sunk, so a rank Of double star-eyes lit Boughs where those owls sat. An arena of READ ON

Letter to a purist, Sylvia Plath

That grandiose colossus who Stood astride The envious assaults of sea (Essaying, wave by wave, Tide by tide, To undo him, perpetually), Has nothing on you, O my love, O my great idiot, who With one foot Caught (as it were) in the muck-trap Of skin and bone, Dithers with the other way out In preposterous provinces of the madcap READ ON

Night Shift, Sylvia Plath

It was not a heart, beating. That muted boom, that clangor Far off, not blood in the ears Drumming up any fever To impose on the evening. The noise came from outside; A metal detonating Native, evidently, to These stilled suburbs: nobody Startled at it, though the sound Shook the ground with its pounding. It took root at my coming READ ON

Aftermath, Sylvia Plath

Compelled by calamity’s magnet They loiter and stare as if the house Burnt-out weretheirs, or as if they thought Some scandal might any minute ooze From a smoke-choked closet into light; No deaths, no prodigious injuries Glut these hunters after an old meat, Blood-spoor of the austere tragedies. Mother Medea in a green smock Moves humbly as any housewife through READ ON

Heavy Women, Sylvia Plath

Irrefutable, beautifully smug As Venus, pedestaled on a half-shell Shawled in blond hair and the salt Scrim of a sea breeze, the women Settle in their belling dresses. Over each weighty stomach a face Floats calm as a moon or a cloud. Smiling to themselves, they meditate Devoutly as the Dutch bulb Forming its twenty petals. The dark still nurses READ ON

Tulips, Sylvia Plath

The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here. Look how white everything is, how quiet, how snowed-in. I am learning peacefulness, lying by myself quietly As the light lies on these white walls, this bed, these hands. I am nobody; I have nothing to do with explosions. I have given my name and my day-clothes up to the nurses And READ ON

Lady Lazarus, Sylvia Plath

I have done it again. One year in every ten I manage it— A sort of walking miracle, my skin Bright as a Nazi lampshade, My right foot A paperweight, My face a featureless, fine Jew linen. Peel off the napkin O my enemy. Do I terrify?— The nose, the eye pits, the full set of teeth? The sour breath READ ON

New Projects!

Hello everyone! This post is just a brief introduction to what I’m planning on doing with this blog, from now on. I have 5 main ideas I want to develop.  #1: A F. Scott Fitzgerald Series It’s quite useless to say that Fitzgerald is my favourite author. So, why not writing a series of post about him and his work? I’m planning on READ ON

#Resist! | A zine by Miriam Frei

Let love be your answer Decades ago, writers used to meet and talk in Literary Cafés, beautiful and elegant places where they could sit down; drink coffee, tea or, more likely, alcohol; and chat about new ideas, share thoughts and do a lot of reading. Nowadays, life is easier (And, I must admit, lacks a little of charm) with the READ ON

Intervention from the inside

Unfortunately, through the screen, it’s not possible to hear the different voices that populate the multiple spaces full of characters that our eyes scroll every day. The multitude of tabs the average young human being opens every day on his computer are always silent, when he reads them. Of course, there’s a voice in his head. It’s his own, a READ ON

Reading list of 2017

Hello everyone! With the new year come new books, new readings and new stories. As you might already know, I’m not the kind of person who sticks to just one book, reads it from start to end and goes on with the next one. No, I’m the kind of reader who starts a book, then buys a new one and READ ON

Nice to meet you, 2017!

It’s 1 o’ clock in the morning while I’m starting writing this, and my mom and I are having a break on our monopoly game. Yes, my New Year’s Eve was quite low key this year, celebrating with a last movie night in the local movie theatre (Passenger was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!) and now eating, drinking and paying rent on fictional houses READ ON

Welcome to the future of our world

In 2010, 6 long years ago, I discovered the pleasure of watching TV shows on the internet. I was 15 years old and that September, I enter my English speaking video world. The beginning of all. Before that, I always thought I would have lived in a not yet clear place, working a not yet clear job. I basically didn’t READ ON

73 Questions With Alex

Hello everybody! So, yesterday Vogue US uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that I’ve been waiting for ages: “73 Questions With Emma Stone“. Yes, she’s my favourite, and after this video I love her even more. (In my opinion, considering their whole “73 Questions With…” playlist, this  is the #1, followed at #2 by “73 Questions With Blake Lively”.) So, listening READ ON

Why you should ditch NaNoWriMo this year

October is every writer’s worst month. There are those who are so excited for November that can’t wait for this month to burn, and there are the others who are freaking out right now because, come on, 2 weeks are not enough to plan a whole month of writing. Where am I? None of the above. I will be cheating this READ ON

Library stream of consciousness

15th September 2016 I’ve come to the library today. It’s an amazing place, full of books and quiet. The silence in here is almost heavy on the shoulders. I, of course, run to the American Literature section as soon as I got here. There was just one Fitzgerald book. I borrowed it. I borrowed a second book too, by Raymond Carver. It READ ON

Authors Anonymous – Movie Review

“Six writers, four romances, one overnight success. Good thing they’re only armed with pens…” Authors Anonymous Do you know those movies that, when you’re watching them, you hate almost every character in it, the story feels weird, the actions predictable and yet, when it comes to and end (With a  cliffhanger, damn it!) you think: “What? Already? I want some READ ON

How easily words can describe life

Good morning everyone! I just tried an interesting Facebook app that made me think. It’s the “Most used words on Facebook” app, and this was my result. Considering the fact that I most publish pictures than writing posts on my Facebook page, this is pretty amazing. I think these words describe myself in a very complete way. Amazing, because yes, I READ ON

The finish line

Hello everyone! I was going through my old written stuff and found this not so young mix of words that made me thought “Why don’t I share this on my blog?” (I think we are all mature enough and in the stage where I don’t need to say that this is a piece of my work and no one has READ ON

The Writer Tag

Hello there! I was on YouTube earlier and watched Kim Chance‘s last video, “The Writer Tag”. Since I don’t do videos, I though it would be nice and different for me to try and write this tag here on my blog! So, here it is. Enjoy! 1. What do you eat or drink while writing? I usually drink tea or ginseng READ ON

Brit days – Part 1

Everyone has its own place in the world. It doesn’t necessarily have to be where we were born, where we grew up or the stop where we get off the train every morning to go to work. Our place can be everywhere in the world, where we already are or on the other side of the planet, we just have to READ ON

The girl on the train – Book Review

No spoilers on this article, I swear. If you are one of those people who, book concerning, don’t follow the crowd too, you might now be thinking “What? That book again? Where is the get out of here button?” But this time my good reader sense has to stop you right there. I usually take the distance from the popular printed paper, READ ON

Let’s go camping

Hello fellow writers! Since CampNaNoWriMo starts in just 2 days, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you some of my favorite tools for writing. First thing first, what is CampNaNoWriMo? Right. Well, if you are a writer who’s struggling with, obviously, writing, just click here and go join our mad hatters camp. It’s a writing community for people who share READ ON


Hello everybody! I never would have guessed that my first post on my personal blog would have been this, but it’s my way to celebrate a new achievement: by writing about it! We all have insecurities, even the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel must have something that she doesn’t really like about her body (No, they are not perfect, they are READ ON