About me: Alex

The personal introduction…

I, unfortunately, don’t belong to the group of people who knew since younger age what they wanted to be as a grown-up.
I wanted to be a dancer, then a teacher, then a doctor, then a singer, then an architect, than many other things.
But now I’m here and I finally realize why I changed my mind so many times in just 21 years of living.
I realize that I’ve got this curiosity about the world, that I want to try almost anything possible, and now I finally know that I can do it perfectly through my writing. I can be a doctor or a ballerina, I can be anything I want to be. That’s why I love writing so much. And that’s why now I really know what I want to be as a grown-up: a writer.

This website is not just my space to share what I like with others, I want it to be a place to share ourselves with the whole world. I don’t only want to write an article and people to read it, I want people to write too, to talk, express themselves.
Don’t be afraid to impress your opinion with ink on the pixels, be free to say what you want to say and be what you want to be. There’s nothing better in this life.

…and the fancy 3rd person biography

Born in Italy in 1994 as “Alessandra” and later on turned into “Alex” as a demonstration of her anglophone obsession, she’s always been a creative mind, according to parents words and distant memories.
Since birth, 3 months earlier the due date, she has never fit in conventionals expectations.
She writes her first short story at the tender age of 11, together with being the editor in chief of a family newspaper that will last for only a handful of home-printed issues.
Alex will keep create every day, mainly walking around with a notebook full of drawings and cut-out figurines to play in her spare time.
She will take a break from everything creative at the age of 14, when starting high-school.
In 2010, during a year of bad feelings and dissatisfaction, Alex starts being creative again, and writes pieces here and there, with a tempting idea for a novel that will never be finished.
Only in the second half of 2013, though, she will start to delve into reading, after somebody’s suggestion to read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who will become her favourite author.
Not long after her high school diploma for business experts and foreign correspondents, she starts tutoring mainly in English and Mathematics, and then finds a job as content writer in 2015.
The idea for her current work in progress, Aftermath, will see the light in March 2016, when she writes the first chapter of her dystopian novel. That is the moment when she realises what she wants her future to be: sharing stories with the world, being a professional writer.
She will move to Denmark in July 2017, to finally fulfill her dream of living a too tight country and feel free to speak her mind.